After recent talks with Canadian ice hockey goalie mask manufacturer, Hackva Helmets. I can now announce that Kustomflow is a UK based referred painter for Hackva Helmets.

Hackva Helmets is a small family run business located in Toronto. From start to finish, the full mask building process if carried out under one roof. This allows them to offer one of the best masks on the market in terms of materials, quality, comfort and value for money – they are a dream to work on and you really can tell the difference between the hand crafted Hackva masks and the mass manufactured larger brands.

Attention to detail is second to none with a Hackva mask, the shell is constructed from layers of Double Bias non crimp Fiberglass, Kevlar, and Carbon Fiber infused with specially formulated Vinyl Ester resin. Precision trimmed at 80,000 PSI with a multi axis water jet robot the entire mask is then hand chamfered to ensure smooth openings and edges. From the factory they are primed, sealed, based, and clear coated using only House of Kolor products – arguably the best paints available leaving one of the best products to work on when it arrives at Kustomflow for your bespoke artwork and custom paint design.

If your looking for a new ice hockey goalie mask I would seriously suggest checking out Hackva Helmets.