Kustomflow is a custom paint and airbrush service based in Hull, East Yorkshire producing paintwork worldwide!


It’s run solely by myself (Tom) ,with over 15 years experience.

I’m a completely self taught airbrush artist and paint technician, with an education and working background in graphic design and digital marketing.

From an early age I knew I wanted to be involved with art and design in some form. I’ve always been fascinated with fantasy art, airbrushed artwork and the Kustom Kulture scene, with my biggest inspiration coming from HR Giger who worked on the ‘Alien’ film, it was this interest that was a catalyst for where I am today.

It wasn’t until I was at University completing a Degree in Illustration before I first picked up an airbrush. I purchased a relatively cheap airbrush and borrowed my dads compressor to helo on an assignment for my Degree.

Within a few months I had upgraded my kit and started working on small projects for family and friends, doing helmets, motorbike tanks etc. Teaching myself the skills and techniques needed (with some really steep learning curves along the way). YouTube wasn’t as advanced as it is now, so it was a lot of trial and error and speaking to other professionals to learn what I could.

In 2006 I eventually started¬†to take on paid commissions and established the moniker ‘Kustomflow’ and started up the paint shop. Over the years my client base has grown along with my abilities, I’ve met some great people and it’s opened some unexpected doors working with some industry leading brands.

My natural aptitude and creativity allows me to transform pretty much anything¬†– whether it’s a bike frame, a helmet, a guitar, or literally a canvas – into a work of art.

My work has featured in various publications as well as at shows across the country and has helped customers win numerous awards for their projects. It’s been featured on Eurosport and appeared at all three Cycling Grand Tours in some form.

A keen cyclist myself, I have a vested interest in all things cycling related (especially road) and in recent years since taking up the sport to improve my fitness and social life I have been commissioned to paint an increasing number of bike frames not only for private individuals, but OEM, high-end independent frame builders, boutique brands and large name brand distributors, I have even painted items for royalty, celebrities and well known industry individuals.

This enables me to combine my passions for design and cycling, which hopefully shows in the work produced for clients.