It’s been a while in the making, but I can now offer customers ‘RTP’ (Ready To Paint) Framesets from Time Bicycles – with their own full custom paint job.

For any stock colours these sales will be handled by a local Time authorised dealership.

Time Bicycles are a manufacturer that sometimes slips under the radar compred to the other more mainstream names. Ive worked on a lot of frames from all different brands over the years and I can honestly say, the Time frames are one of the best Ive had pass through the paint shop.

Ive not seen a build and construction quality in a frame quite like them, so when I got the chance to become an authorised reseller for Time Bicycles I jumped at the chance!

I will be offering three of their main models in a RTP option.

As an authorised reseller, I can offer potential customers a RTP frame at a discounted rate (significantly less than RRP), imcluding a discounted price on their custom paint scheme, along with an automatic Q-Jump option in my paint schedule.

If you are looking for a new frameset and a full custom paint scheme from one of the best manufacturers in the world at a very reasonable cost – please contact me to discuss.


All TIME Bicycles are designed with performance in mind. For road riding, the perfect balance of low weight, high efficiency and responsive handling calls for short chainstays and robust tortional ridgidity. Tire width plays a role as well – contemporary analysis of rolling resistance and rider efficiency have settled on 28C (about 28-30mm) as an optimal tire width for modern racing or training on tarmac roads.


As flexibility becomes paramount, chainstays lengthen and a small margin of reactivity is traded for additional tire clearance. It’s this “allroad” machine that has to deliver the goods in the widest variety of conditions. For riders who are looking to add variety to their riding, a 35-38c file tread on a lightweight tire casing offers a great deal of comfort and control on smooth dirt without feeling ponderous on pavement.


Riders that spend the majority of their time on unimproved roads will appreciate the volume and traction offered by a 45c tire. Gravel-oriented frames achieve the necessary tire clearance by thinning and lengthening the seatstays and chainstays and widening the crown of the fork. The resulting increase in frame deflection paired with the vibration absorption and traction of larger tires make light work of rough roads even as they render the ADHX 45 less suited to asphalt.

Ready to Paint

Time framesets can be purchased Ready to Paint in a prepped and sanded condition and with all hardware.

What’s Included

• DEDA S DCR Headset for Semi & Fully-Integrated Cockpits

• Front and Rear Thru Axles
• Alloy Bottle Bolts
• Integrated Seatpost Clamp
• Derailleur Hangers
• Single Cover and Drivetrain Conversion Kit