Custom Painted Helmets

Other than protecting the drivers head the helmet is an extension of their personality and often becomes a racers trademark. It’s my goal to produce the most visually appealing helmet, custom painted to suit each owner. Everybody is unique and so your helmet should represent your individual style.

Let Kustomflow help you show the world who you are – to get a custom painted helmet design contact us here.

 The process

  1. The first stage is the design concept. We will work with you to produce a design that is completely unique to you. Once this has been finalised work on the helmet itself  can then start once we have taken delivery of it.
  2. First we strip the helmet as far back as possible, including the trim and all the removable liner parts as well as any vents, the visor and all components where appropriate.
  3. The remaining interior protection is masked off along with vent holes to isolate and protect them from over-spray and solvents during painting.
  4. We will then prep the helmet and paint your final design onto your helmet (this can take a lot of patience and uses up an amazing amount of masking tape to achieve the final result).
  5. Once the paintwork is complete we will then fully reassemble your helmet using the correct adhesives and tapes for vent systems.
  6. Your custom airbrushed helmet will then be ready for collection or delivery.

Please note custom paintwork on your helmet will more than likely void any manufacturer warranty – terms and conditions apply.

Muc-Off Harry the Beast

Lidsey Stilo

Yellow Submarine Helmet

Nick Whitehead Ariel Atom Cup Driver

N.Whitehead 2014

alex gill motorsport custom helmet painted by Kustomflow

Alex Gill Motorsport 2014

Now stocking Antman Trimz

Every custom helmet paint job can now be customised even further with Antman Custom Trix Motorsport Helmet Accessories, an original line up of helmet accessories designed and developed to bring style, quality and performance for today’s modern racer. Whether it’s the Trimz and Grillz range, or the professional line of Wingz, AirForce and Intercom Housings, any accessory can be applied to your helmet and to compliment and create a truely unique design.