Just a little bit about sponsorship and freebies…

I get a quite a few sponsorship ‘applications’ for my paintwork, and as a sole trader and small business I’m blown away to be asked! However I’d like to just let people know what sponsorship is and why I do it.

Sponsorship is a two way relationship. In return of paintwork or goods, I expect to sell more paint jobs than I give away. I run a small business which pays the mortgage and my bills and I hope to be painting for many years to come.

I look for individuals or brands who I know can promote my services to a wider audience than I could reach alone. This isn’t always via Facebook or Instagram, but having a big following on social media does help – as long as they are genuine and not bought!

If you’re messaging me from your personal account, and have 150 followers, a handful of photos, a picture of your cat, the chance’s are you’re not what I’d be looking for to help push the brand unfortunately.

What can you add to Kustomflow?

If you do think you can add something to the mix, appeal to a different audience and open up new markets then I’d be more than happy to hear from you. It’s always been my intention to grow my business and eventually have a small team working with me, and the only way to do this is to reach out into other sectors.

However if you’re just looking for a free paint job, then please don’t ask. As I will always politely decline. If I feel you are someone who could push my services, then it’s more likely that I would contact you, as I can see who is making an impact within the industry and know where my services would fit.

Hope that helps.