There’s a lot more to a custom paint job than meets the eye, including the initial design, the preparation, paint and application, airbrushed art work, materials and other overheads to consider.

All work is completely custom and because no two jobs are ever the same, prices will always vary.

I’m more than happy to give a rough quote for any prospective project, with absolutely no need for you to commit to an order.

From the experience I have gained, I know how important it is that you are thrilled with the custom paint and airbrushed artwork you receive. While I will strive to meet deadlines, it helps if you are patient as sometimes projects take a little longer than anticipated and  I wont compromise design and artwork by rushing your paintwork.

Projects are charged by what is put into the project – hours, materials and creativity.

More intricate artwork is very time consuming and this will be reflected in your price.

I operate a down-payment deposit system and book work in well in advance (sorry no walk ins). A small deposit (usually £50) is required to secure a  time slot and cover any concept digital artwork. I operate in this way for two reasons, firstly I know what work is in the shop and can schedule work easier, secondly providing digital artwork takes time and creativity which I can’t provide for free.

Your deposit will be deducted from your total price and any outstanding balance is to be paid upon completion.

Once payment has cleared, your goods will be ready to collect or can be scheduled for delivery with a courier.