Cycle frame painting, resprays and custom decals/graphics

Over time your bike can start to look a little old and tired, it’s probably picked up a few scrapes and the paintwork isn’t what it used to be – but the bikes still as good as ever!

You might be part of a cycling club or a race team looking for livery and specific colours to be added to your frames, or you may just fancy being a little bit different and owning your very own custom painted bike like some of the Pro’s.

Whatever your requirement, I can apply my custom paint techniques and design skills to provide a high quality cycle frame painting service for any frame and forks.

This can be as simple as a single colour respray, a restoration project on an old steel frame bike or a full custom design for the latest carbon fibre road frame.

I can also help advise on your design and colour choices and will provide design concepts for paint schemes based on the type of frame you have and the style of riding you do.

Paintwork can be applied to steel, aluminium, alloy and even carbon fibre frames.

Special effect paints are available such as metal flake, pearls, metallics, flip-flops (chameleon) etc, there really are no limits to the effects that can be achieved for your custom painted bike frame.

Below is a rough idea to the process involved when your cycle frame is being painted.

Step 1


After an initial consultation email/chat and a formal agreement on the cost of your project we will establish an estimated time-frame and then I’ll be able to provide visual concepts of your paintwork – deposit required.

Step 2

Preparation and Primer

Once the design is agreed and closer to your booking date, your frame can be sent directly or dropped off with the old paint in place, but should be stripped of all components and be clean and in good condition.

The frame will then be prepared by removing old paint (and any corrosion) by the correct method (All carbon frames are hand sanded) and given the correct primer ready for paintwork.

Step 3

Paintwork and Graphics

After the correct primer coat has been applied, the approved design of your bike is then carefully recreated on your frame, applying all layers of colour paint along with any artwork, special effect, graphics or decals you require.

I try to avoid using vinyl graphics or stickers where possible and prefer to apply any graphics as an actual layer of paint so that it will be under a protective clear coat to provide the best possible smooth finish for your frame. The majority of decals and graphics are created with a digitally cut stencil to recreate accurate logos and graphics.

Step 4

Protective Clear Coat

The final stage of any paintwork is clear coating. This is done in a fully temperature and environment controlled booth to achieve a solid protective finish for your paintwork.

High quality automotive grade high-solid (HS) UV protective clears are used to protect your frame from the elements.

I offer three different types of finishes for you to choose from, including a High-Gloss wet looking clear, a Satin finish and a total Matte finish.

It is possible to use a combination of finishes such as on stealth paintwork to achieve a totally unique and stunning look.


Prices vary depending on paint effects, complexity of graphics, design/decals required and frame type. Generally steel, alloy and aluminium frames are cheaper to paint due to their different preparation treatment.

For more information or to start the process of having your bike painted, get in touch with an outline of your requirements and receive a competitive quote.

Prices reflect the work and materials needed to produce the best results and I’m confident you will find them very competitive compared to other bespoke bike frame painters offering the same level of service as I do.

Replica Paintwork

My main aim is to provide customers with totally one off paint schemes, striving to create unique original custom paintwork and guarantee no two frames ever leave the paint shop the same.

Therefore I don’t do any kind of replica paintwork for any modern or current bike design. For example if you have last years bike but want this years colours… I dont do this. I will however produce a similar design that is bespoke and unique.

I do however work on full restorations of vintage bike paintwork if required.

If you are unsure or would still like to enquire, please contact us for further information.

Strip down/rebuild service

If you require your bike to be stripped down (of components) or re-assembled prior to or after paintwork this can be accommodated.

I have a good working relationship with a dedicated Cytech Level 2 Mobile Cycle Mechanic ( and a very reputable local bike shop ( available to carry out any advanced work required such as bottom bracket installations, facing, indexing and any other addition to strip downs. Ideally if you can do this locally before sending the frame for paintwork then that is better.

Additional costs apply, please ask when enquiring about paintwork.

Evil Sovereign

Hutchinson Steel Build

Cannondale Black Inc Spectra

Wilier Cento 1

Black Pearl Canyon

Ordering Process

This will start with an email or quote request to let me know what you want painting and other details, I will then get back to you with a price and estimated time slot.

If you are happy with the price and would like to book in for paintwork, a deposit will be required to add you to the paint queue. Once your deposit has been paid I will then work on some visuals for your paintwork – usually within a few weeks.

You might not hear from me for a few months between finalising your design and sending or dropping off your frame for paintwork. This is pretty standard and allows me to focus on paintwork and other customers frames.

Closer to the date of your booking I will get in touch to arrange shipping/drop off. Once it arrives it will be inspected and then join the paint queue ready to be transformed.

Average Lead Time


Next Available Date


Please note I provide estimated time slots and lead times for paintwork, I don’t work to set deadlines and never rush a paint job to ensure every detail is perfect.


Please fill out the form and add any pictures of your bike or parts along with any reference images of what you would like or what’s inspiring your paint work.

If you experience any issues with this form or if you prefer to email us direct feel free to do so


Scratches, Scuffs, Chips and repair work

Sorry – I no longer offer chip/scratch repairs, due to time restraints and work volumes. My main focus is providing a full design and bespoke paintwork service.

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