Dan had an old Colnago AC-R he wanted to give a bit of life back to. Bare carbon with white graphics and matte finish, it wasn’t overly striking and had picked up a knocks over the time.

Dan’s idea was to have a bit of a take on the more classic Colnagos, something like the Colnago Super ‘Saronni’ paint scheme with a bit of a twist, and their iconic white bands on the down-tube holding the logo (usually capped with gold pinstripes and some world champ bands).

So we went with a candy apple red over a course silver base with some flake – this has a deep rich look to it and the flake catches the sun and glistens. The white band was done in an ice white metallic to add more sparkle, however it was kept minimal as not to try and look like the Colnago Super Saronni exactly, but just a hint.

As a result his new paintwork looks like an absolute classic.