Dan is a repeat customer (and has the patience of a saint) this is the second Specialized Venge he’s sent my way, the first being a blue flake over black affair. Dan’s love for flake is still as strong as ever and on this one he wanted a purple version – but with a bit of a twist.

Featuring a stellar purple to black fade using Purple Velvet base pearl – the base-coat really shimmers in the sun. On top of this we used a new flake instead of the old fashioned hot rod flakes, these flakes are all irregular, random and have a chameleon flip, they traverse the colour spectrum from a rich magenta, fire orange, teal, blue and finally a vivid purple. In low light conditions they seamlessly blend into the base fades, but on an angle and in direct sunshine… it comes alive like a nebula.

All decals were repainted with a subtle silver laser line, infilled with a holographic spectracoat pearl which pops in the sun.