For the second year running I’ve worked with Axcil on his distinctive looking helmet ready for the season ahead.

Axcil was keen to keep his new helmet looking very similar to last years design as he establishes his own distinctive look on the track. We managed to update and change a few things without distracting too far away from the previous design.

This year we introduced a silver flake base and used candies on the green, red and yellow horizontal stripes which wrap around the sides and back of the helmet and are a nod to his native Zimbabwean flag. The flakes and candies are a great combination, in the sun they really ping and catch the eye and give the helmet a different aspect compared to the more solid vibrant colours used on the Ndebele style African style patterns.

The native Soapstone bird and the red star were essential to be kept on the helmet with little changing to them, the white ‘halo’ bands were made slimmer and more streamline to allow more of the African patterns on the helmet to be shown whilst accommodating Axcils main helmet sponsor ‘UVEX‘.

The African pattern design which we created exclusively for the crown of Axcils helmet was also retained as this is a very distinctive element of the helmet and is instantly recognisable on the race track. The bottom pattern was modified slightly from last year and keeps to the Ndebele style, however it only includes colours from the Zimbabwean national flag – a subtle change which would go unnoticed unless the helmets were put together.

This year was pretty exciting as since last seasons Formula 2 was pulled due Axcil secured a seat with Trident Motorsport and the chance to compete in GP2 – one step away from formula one. An absolutely fantastic opportunity for Axcil, the only current driver representing Zimbabwe on an international stage to put Africa on the map and for myself (and the Kustomflow brand) to be on display at such a high level of motor sport in the world.

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Next stop Formula 1!