After a few recent enquiries and a request from a customer, Kustomflow now offers custom painted helmet visors for your fully custom painted helmet to give you the most versatile designs available.

Using a special brand of perforated vinyl also known as Contra Vision (similar to the vinyl wraps signwriters provide for full vehicle graphics) your helmet design can extend over the visor  opening up the door to even more creative and extreme designs.

You might have seen custom painted Bandit helmets, or other popular designs including The Predator, Eddie The Head (Iron Maiden),  Star Wars Stormtroopers, Spider Man, Venom and Iron Man Рnow I can offer these designs and more.

The perforated vinyl used has a 50/50 hole to surface ratio but provides suprisingly good viewing as the holes in the vinyl are so close to your eyes that your focus is beyond them. The vinyl is painted using solvent airbrush paints so they are waterproof and applied wet to your visor, heat molded into place ensuring crease free application across the curved surface of your visor.

Please note using a painted visor on the road is not advised and certainly not legal. They are intended for novelty value only and will void any warranty or insurance like any other modification to your helmet.