After some searching I have now found a few dedicated UK contacts who can apply a real chrome paint effect to your paintwork.

fxCHROMESPRAY located in Essex have been in the paint refinishing industry for over 20 years, producing high quality finishing for some well known major manufacturers including Ford, Lotus and various major airlines.

Pink Evolutions based in Melton Mowbray are a design led company with a bright, fresh and modern approach to a new generation of decorative finishes covering an extensive range of mediums, substrates and objects.

Both use a similar system to the popular SpectraChrome – HydroChrome Extreme. HydroChrome represents the most advanced technology in the production of effect paints, producing a high-grade chrome metal look or the effect of polished aluminum/steel on almost any surface… from metals, plastics, woods, carbon fibres and glass!


The Chrome paint coating system produces a mirror-like chrome finish on almost any product. It looks and feels just like real metal. A layer of real silver metal is deposited between two layers of paint. The silver mist builds upon the base coated part to give a perfect mirror shine. Then its rinsed with distilled water. After the part is blown dry with compressed air before being sprayed with a clear top coat which can be tinted to look exactly like chrome, gold, copper or any shade of the spectrum – or provide a chrome base for artwork.

For more information or prices please contact us.