We’ve recently just had the annual bike porn show (also known as ‘the Bespoked Bike Show‘) take place in Bristol and as Simon from GCN says

‘this year (2016) is all about custom and it is… quite frankly…amazing!’

Britain is currently producing some of the best ‘custom’ bike builds in the world at the moment, from the likes of Saffron, Talbot, Shand and Field to name a few – but as good as the build of the bikes is, the main attraction that smacks you between the eyes is the paint job!

A lot of people are looking for something completely different these days – often with a custom built bike it will also come with custom paint work.

One of my personal favourites from the Bespoked show was Condors ‘Brookes 150th Anniversary Edition Leggero’ a carbon frame (custom painted by the guys at Cole Coatings), which featured a dyed chrome effect paint (resembling copper) covering parts of the frame but leaving the aesthetics of the 3k carbon weave showing through  – The materials for the paintwork alone exceeded £400, anybody involved in the paint industry will know how special this type of paintwork is, and to the consumer it’s even more impressive!


That’s not to say that any bike can’t have a custom paint job – just because it’s not custom built and off the shelf doesn’t mean it can’t have a custom paint job. We get a lot of enquiries from people just wanting something different to the factory finish they have – it might be their favourite colours, a hatred of the over branding and logos emblazoned on their frames, or just simply to be different and stand out from the others on a Sunday club run at the café.

At the end of the day your bike is one of the most personalised possessions you own, from it’s geometry, saddle height, crank length, choice of tyres and components to bar tape, it’s completely at your disposal to customise and that includes paintwork.

A custom paint job on your bike frame is more affordable than you might think. Custom paintwork on the pros bikes in the peleton seem to have increased in the last few years with the likes of Peter Sagan, Marcel Kittel, Chris Froome, Alberto Contador, Fabian Cancellara and Vincenzo Nibali all having custom paintwork applied to their frames in order to stand out in 2016 – there’s no reason why you can’t too!

If your looking for a custom paint job on your bike, whether it’s steel, aluminium, titanium or carbon – we can provide a full custom paint scheme, get in touch to find out more, or visit our dedicated page to custom bike paintwork.