Richard was very specific with how he wanted his Cervelo to look, and I’m happy to say we absolutely nailed his brief – I don’t think I have ever seen a customer so genuinely excited when they collected their frame, it was like Christmas had come early for him!

The frame is painted in a custom blend of pink, it was almost impossible to get hold of a Pantone or RAL formula which worked, so was mixed by eye and eventually given the green light from Rich. The bottom half of the frame is a dark teal RAL colour, which has a lovely contrast to the pastel pink.

Originally we was going to go with hard lines for the divide, but after some deliberation I managed to convince Rich to go with something asymmetric and more fluid, it almost gives the impression the pink is like ‘melting ice cream’ slowly trickling over the frame.

Rich added a few more personal elements such as the flamingo on the head tube, feathers on the forks, and a rather cheeky Emoji on the rear – something to do with a nickname his riding buddies give him?

As always, it was finished in a high gloss clear coat, and given the added detail to make it a show finish.