Custom painted Honda CB750 K6

For all you petrol heads…

The bike started life as a 1976 CB750 K6, however the only original parts left are the engine, frame & hubs.

The engine has been totally stripped, right down to splitting crankcases & rebuilt with new bearings, seals etc. Carbs have been stripped and ultrasonically cleaned, reassembled and fitted with alloy bellmouths. The existing hubs have been laced up to alloy rims with Stainless-Steel spokes and single disc brake upgraded to dual discs. The petrol tank is a fibreglass Manx Norton Endurance tank which has been modfied to fit the CB frame.

The seat base is hand made utilising a CB900 back end. Handlebars are clip-ons which were originally fitted between the triple trees, but for a owner of not so young years, they were very uncomfortable… so the retaining nuts for the front springs were removed from the top of the forks & plugs were made from Stainless Steel and fitted in their place with clip-ons were fitted to them. The rear sets are from a CBR with custom made brackets, brake lever, chain guard, headlight brackets, speedo & rev counter bracket and rear number plate holder.