Please note I am only taking on commissions from the TRADE for sunglasses/cycling helmets/shoes due to current workloads and extended lead times.


The ultimate in customisation, you can now own a pair of customised cycling shoes exactly the way you want them!

Kustomflow is one of, if not, the only UK specialist offering absolute full customisation for discerning cyclists. Not limited to bike frames – you can literally have anything painted! Including cycling sunglasses, bike helmets and custom cycling shoes.

I can create a design from my experience gained in painting leather and fabric items, or you can contact me with your own custom design or idea, which can then be painted onto a pair of your shoes.


Some cycling shoe brands offer ‘customisation’, but not to the nth degree like a true customised pair of cycling shoes could be.

With an unlimited range of colours and finishes to choose from you can be sure we can create something totally unique and just for you. From solid colours, metallics, and pearls, you name it – we can paint it!

Each pair of custom cycling shoes are 100% handcrafted and where possible airbrushed to ensure a flawless finish that is in our opinion far superior to any pair of hand painted cycling shoes using traditional hairy brushes.

Your custom cycling shoes can be painted to match your team colours or your own individual style or design beyond what is available to buy off the shelf.

All cycling shoes sent in for paintwork are inspected for any damage or wear and tear. They are then prepped for paint by removing any factory waxes and sealants using specially formulated fabric and leather products. This ensures the paint will adhere to your shoes.

Artwork is applied using specially formulated fabric paints from Angelus which are also heat set to improve adhesion. Primarily an airbrush is used to create your design. Unlike a traditional ‘hairy’ brush, the level of uniform coverage, blends, fades and final finish is far superior, and the amount of paint used is less . Some customers have said their shoes look like they have come from the factory as you can’t see any marks in the paint left from a brush stroke – however in some rare instances a hairy brush may be used for fine details or hard to reach places.

Once artwork is finished, a specialist protective top coat is applied to add durability, along with multiple layers of a protective finisher and waterproofing to ensure your new shoes are ready to hit the road in any kind of weather.


How long will the paint last?

As we use specialist fabric paints designed for use on leather, textiles and flexible materials we don’t expect to see any paint flaking or cracking as long as you look after them correctly, keep them clean and use a protective restorer every so often – just like a normal pair of cycling shoes.

Your freshly painted shoes, if looked after correctly, will retain their paintwork and appearance for a very long time through normal use, even in wet conditions. However, just like a factory pair of shoes, any crashes or scrapes will still cause marks, scuffs and can damage the artwork – unfortunately that is unavoidable.

I recommend sending in brand new or very lightly worn cycling shoes to work on, which are preferably white and made from real leather or similar materials – if you are unsure if your shoes can be painted please contact us.

Prices depend on the design that you would like, please contact us for more detail, with your brand/model of shoe and any  ideas you have.

Please note – I don’t paint used shoes – the wear and tear is usually too extreme to paint over and it’s also not very hygienic!

Kustomflow is not an authorised dealer/distributor or affiliated in any way with any brand or make of cycling shoe. I do not buy in or carry stock of products. My service is a complete paint and customisation service based on you ‘the customer’ sending in your own pair of shoes. If you are looking for a new pair of shoes to customise I can advise which ones would work well. Original manufacturers warranties¬†may be void if you decide to have your shoes customised.