Custom Airbrushed leather artwork on anything leather.

Any design can be applied to your leather jacket from World War II pin-up nose art, Heavy Metal album covers, a portrait of your favourite singer or film star – there really is no limit.

The Process

  • Your jacket is first cleaned with a mild degreaser or mineral spirits to remove any natural oils and chemicals from the leather surface to be painted – this is essential in order to allow better adhesion of paint.
  • If needed the area to be airbrushed will then be lightly scuffed with a scotch pad to promote a good key between the paint and surface area.
  • Your design will then be applied using specialist textile airbrush paints, formulated for the use on leather and other fabrics. These paints are a vibrant, durable and flexible acrylic paint that is heat set to lock it onto the surface its applied to.
  • Once the your design is finished a light coating of a specialist clear top coat is applied and again heat set. This will seal in the artwork and provide extra durability and weather resistance.
  • After all paint is applied and your design is heat set the leather is then redressed with a soft leather dressing to protect the paintwork and restore essential oils back into the leather.
  • Your leather will look and feel as good as new and if maintained on a regular basis with the correct products your leather and airbrushed artwork will last for years.

*Please note due to the variable surfaces of leather I can’t guarantee artwork will not fade or crack over time due to the nature of the material the artwork is applied to.

Example Prices:

  • Logo or shoulder graphics start from £75
  • Full back artwork starts from £150
  • Logos or graphics on front chest start from £25

Please contact me for a more accurate quote.